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Welcome to Communication Options

I'm Tricia Boyd and I have a very simple philosophy at Communication Options: to deliver great work for my clients.

I achieve this through a broad base of communication skills, great expertise and hard-won experience.  I offer you tremendous reserves of common sense combined with dedication to the task in hand. And because I focus on interesting projects working with people I like, the odds are already stacked for success,  Projects can be small or large, straightforward or immensely complicated.

What I do

My work falls into six main categories:

  • Corporate communications
  • Marketing communications
  • Internal communications
  • Business writing
  • Communication training
  • Interim assignments

Client experience spans the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. I've worked for multinational and national businesses, government organisations, trade associations, membership bodies, start ups and spinouts.  The chances are I can help you too.

How I work

I see myself as part of your team for however long the project lasts - working with you to create good ideas and great results.  I start by listening to your needs and issues, ideally in person, and asking questions that tease out the essence of the project.  The next step is to put together a work programme that I'll discuss and develop with you until we're both happy that it hits the spot, making sure that there are clear project guidelines, timetable, success factors and milestones.  I keep in close contact at all times so you know what is happening and we can get the best from each other - good communication works by example.

I handle all assignments personally and if I need additional skills or extra resources, I bring tried and trusted colleagues to work alongside me.